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New ways require new thinking. In our blog we gather interesting thoughts around the topics, which occupy us.

How does the new come into the world, how do you develop narratives that inspire, how can the transformation of large companies succeed? How do you create a user experience that really becomes a differentiating experience for users and customers and how do you anchor design leadership in the company? Internal and external experts write here in loose succession about new ideas and strategies. Interdisciplinary and inspiring.

  • Jan-Erik-Baars: Prepare!


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I’m sure you know the witticism: Two lumberjacks struggle to cut up a tree with an obviously dull saw. A third one offers to sharpen the good piece. “Thank you,” they reply, “but we don’t have time for that now.” Probably everyone knows such a situation where you would rather continue than pause to prepare for a better continuation. You just don’t know for sure: will the interruption be worth it, will you make up for lost time?

More Fiction in Science!

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The biggest challenge for the professional working in the age of digitization will be to identify the unknown and latent needs of their customers. To counteract this problem, it’s very important to begin thinking in terms of scenarios. How will a new technology change our everyday life? How will it affect the way we live and work? Here, a lot can be learned for innovation managers and designers from the realm of science fiction.

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