Companies seeking to transform themselves digitally must revise their narrative and align their activities properly with their strategic objectives.


The new narrative thus needs to not only address technological and societal opportunities but also devise viable options for growth and development that can readily be put into practice and support the new corporate strategy.


We help companies with developing a narrative that will convince and motivate managers and employees, boost the bottom line, and engage their customers.

Business positioning

We view a company’s business activities in a broad technological, social and cultural context by making clear connections to the current scientific, political and social discourse on digitalisation. This enables us to help the company develop a strong position and culture that closely align with its core values.

  • Developing corporate stories and core messages for all stakeholders
  • Creating an equity story to convince investors of the growth and earnings opportunities in the digital markets
  • Developing a brand story geared to all digital and analog touchpoints.

Digital shift story

We identify your growth opportunities precisely and study your development options carefully so that you can adjust your corporate strategy to the digital transformation.

  • Corporate strategy
  • Target scenarios for stakeholders

Setting the agenda

We develop a script for the digital shift story and help you create the content necessary for gaining an edge in the opinion market.

  • Develop strategies for corporate communications and public affairs that place the core message in the leading media and among the relevant multipliers.
  • Develop and manage your PR and content marketing campaigns.

Further consulting fields

A new narrative is the key prerequisite for reorganising a company to significantly improve its customer experience and anchoring design leadership throughout its operations. Our other consulting fields are:


Increase value for the customer.


Strategic anchoring and leading of design.

Narratives for your digital shift.

Contact us if you want to develop a new narrative that aligns your business and brands to the digital future.

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