The impact of design only enhances value if design is an integral part of the company’s expertise. Only then will the transformation towards customer-centered thinking and acting be successful.


To accomplish this, design needs to be empowered within the organisation. In order to create inspiring customer experiences, you need adequate structuring of the processes and the organisation. The strategic triad is:
Being. Thinking. Doing.


We help companies to effectively apply the instruments of design and to anchor design within the organisation, so that the company designs in line with its strategy and focuses on the customer. This includes both the substantial connection to the corporate, innovation and brand strategy and the development of a design strategy and sustainable design governance.

Design Leadership Framework

Effectively managing design in organisations means connecting all design objectives of being, thinking and doing.

  • Design leadership assessment
  • Design leadership implementation

Design strategy

We develop design strategies to ensure that all touchpoints along the customer experience are addressed coherently and consistently, thus providing the basis for a fully coordinated brand experience.

  • Design strategy development
  • Design principles

Design management

The authority of design leadership must be applied at all levels of the organisation. At the same time, the techniques of design thinking should be widely shared and made available to all stakeholders so that they can actively participate in the change process.

  • Design governance model

Further consulting fields

Design leadership is an essential prerequisite for companies seeking to fully focus on their customers’ experience and digitally transforming themselves in order to deliver additional value.


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