The purpose of a company is to create value for its customers, through its customers. A distinctive and relevant customer experience is the foundation for any successful business.


Those things that customers love and would recommend further cannot be found on Post-It notes: We implement design processes at the heart of the business, processes that put the customer at the centre and thus enable the creation of something truly relevant. This includes the development of a vivid target image of your customer experience to ensure coherent and consistent implementation.


We develop design strategies that ensure that all touchpoints encountered throughout the customer experience are designed in a coherent and consistent way. This is the basis for an orchestrated brand experience.

Desired Futures

Companies create value by differentiating their offers and making them fully relevant for their customers. Using design as basis for leading, planning and implementing their strategy at the highest level thus becomes indispensable. We will help you to not only implement your design projects but to make design become part of your overall strategy.

  • Customer research
  • Forecasts, cultural trends, changing values
  • Understanding the customer experience of the future

Product and System Design

Relevant propositions which customers love and recommend to others rarely originate on Post-its. We create customer-centric design processes at the heart of the company that allow for fully relevant innovations.

  • Strategic innovation
  • Development of integrated propositions
  • Product, service and system design

Coherent customer experiences

Product and services always revolve around an experience. We support companies in developing distinct customer experiences.

  • Customer journey assessment
  • Experience framework
  • Analog to digital to analog systems

Further consulting services

In order to systematically design an inspiring customer experience, a company must institute design leadership at all levels and break down traditional silo structures to drive the digital transformation. To this end, it needs a new narrative for mastering the digital shift.


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A new narrative for corporate strategy.


Strategic anchoring and leading of design.

Create meaningful experiences.

Get in touch with us if you are preparing your company or brand for the digital future or are already on the way. We will help you create additional value through the digital transformation.

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