We are experienced guides who can help your organisation chart its course and stay on track because we’ve been there: We know the circumstances and pitfalls you’re likely to face along the way. You can count on our experience to take you through unknown choppy waters and guide you safely to where you want to be.


Our work as strategic consultants has four areas:


A new narrative for corporate strategy.


Increase value for the customer.


Strategic anchoring and leading of design.

Modular consulting products

Working together with our clients, we develop the management tools that enable them to create outstanding, relevant and distinctive customer experiences and to orient effective design within the organisation of the company. To this end, we have developed the Prenew Value Creation framework.


Within this framework, we offer modular consulting products. These can be considered an integrated offering across all consulting fields or in combination with individual packages. We offer integrated small, medium and large consulting packages, depending on the size of the company and its consulting needs.


We see ourselves as strategy consultants. But we also have an excellent network of partners in hardware, software and service design, digital agencies and management consultancies with whom we work together to turn concepts and strategies into successful projects and products.

Prepare for the new

Get in touch with us as you prepare yourself and your company or brand for the journey into the digital future. Or if you are already in the middle of the digital jungle. With us you create new values in the digital transformation.

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