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Thomas Huber is a consultant for strategic communication. In 2006 he founded semanticom GmbH in Berlin, an agency that specialises in helping companies manage complex strategic communication projects. His primary concern is to create a narrative for companies, institutions, brands and individuals that relates to the relevant technological and cultural discourses in order to implement the corresponding communication goals (agenda setting). In addition, he also develops the corresponding corporate or brand story to use in various communication formats and channels. In doing so, he places the central core messages accurately in the leading media and develops analogue and digital communication strategies.


Thomas Huber writes speeches for CEOs of well-known corporations and positions and coaches decision makers. As a graduate of the German School of Journalism in Munich, he works closely with the renowned Steidl-Verlag as editor-at-large. He was responsible for the conception and editing of “August Bebel” (2013), “ZukunftsWerte” (2018, Otto Group), “The Digital Shift” (English, 2019, Telekom), and “Futuring Human Mobility” (German and English, 2019, Ottobock).

Before founding his consulting agency, he was the Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Europe’s largest magazine publisher Gruner + Jahr and the Director of Corporate Communications at Germany’s leading network agency BBDO Germany.

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