Prof. Philipp Thesen

Prof. Philipp Thesen

Philipp Thesen is a professor of Human-System Interaction at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. He founded the Human Factor Labs and currently does research on design and artificial intelligence. His work focuses on research into digital and analog human-system interactions as well as on exploring digital technologies and their transformation into value-creating hardware-software service experiences. For this purpose, he developed the terminology ‘Digital Product Service and System Design.’


Philipp Thesen was formerly the head of design at Deutsche Telekom, where he was responsible for all of the company’s products and digital services and for the design strategy and implementation of design principles in more than 20 countries. Telekom Design was the first design division of a company to be included in the creative ranking of the German Digital Economy Association (BVDW).


Philipp Thesen started his career as a designer and creative director in international agencies before becoming a management consultant. He has two decades of experience in developing digital and analog product and service systems that won more than 200 international design awards.


Philipp Thesen is the author of the book Digital Shift and numerous international publications. He speaks frequently at international conferences, is a member of the Art Directors Club Germany, and co-curates the ADC Design Experience of the design conference of ADC. He is also a member of the German Design Council, sits on the Advisory Board of the Design Management Institute Boston, and is a jury member of numerous international design competitions.

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