We prepare companies for the new. We view design leadership as a strategic management tool to increase effectiveness. Only through guided design can a company realise its full potential to strengthen customer relationships during a time of change and develop new potentials for growth.
When we succeed together in creating new value for customers in the digital transformation, then we increase the value of the company:


Value creation for the digital shift.

Our attitude

We are two partners with very different personalities and experiences – but with a shared belief that the digital shift is not a disruptive tsunami sweeping away everything in its path but a process we can shape systematically in order to open up entirely new perspectives for development and economic growth. Our varied backgrounds complement each other ideally and enable us to help our clients understand the complexity of the digital changes they will face and to assist them with devising effective strategies.

Our belief

As designers and consultants, we believe that the use of digital technologies allows for more efficient and sustainable processes that will benefit not only how we do business globally but also how we lead our daily lives. They are the basis of prosperity, making it possible for more and more people worldwide to participate in new ways for the benefit of their economy and society. In short, digitalisation is a prime opportunity for creating new value.

We want to support companies in doing the right thing when it comes to adding value for their customers. This means looking beyond revenue and profit and instead focusing not only on the deeper and more meaningful relationships that people form with their possessions but also on learning about their digital preferences and the products, services and brands they use.

Value creation for the digital shift.

Prof. Philipp Thesen

Thomas Huber | Partner Prenew


Our procedure model

Understanding where the problem really lies is the first step towards an effective solution. Together with our customers, we get to the bottom of the causes.

1.  Discover


We uncover the causes and create clarity with analytic methods.

What is the problem?

2.  Learn


We process rational facts into value-enhancing insights.

How does it come about?

3.  Reflect


Together with the clients we lay the foundation for change.

Why is it important?

4.  Define


We define authentic strategies that create value.

Why do we solve it?

5.  Create


We create solutions that are relevant and clearly differentiated.

How do we proceed?

6.  Deliver


We operationalize and implement the new strategy.

What is the solution?

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Philipp Thesen: Design Thinking Doing

Design Thinking Doing
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Companies and brands for which we have already worked and for whose trust we are thankful:

Prepare for the new

Get in touch with us as you prepare yourself and your company or brand for the journey into the digital future. Or if you are already in the middle of the digital jungle. With us you create new values in the digital transformation.

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